Welcome to the FAQ page for The Village Continuum (TVC) – a vibrant meeting place of ancient & contemporary skills for living lightly, belonging to tribe earth, being nourished & loving life!  Find answers to your questions below and contact us if we can be of further assistance.

What is TVC About?

The Village Continuum celebrates through sharing ancient, traditional and contemporary crafts and skills to counteract the mass-produced factory-made products and conflicting ways of communicating and moving through life that are so prevalent.

While we honour the important, valuable and wondrous role technology can play in our lives, we recognise that making things by hand, communicating authentically and respectfully with one another and the natural world, moving with awareness through our everyday life, and nourishing ourselves with natural whole foods, can bring a simplicity and enjoyment to our otherwise full lives this day. We believe the two are not mutually exclusive, but that each can complement the other.

Many of the traditional crafts and skills that were once essential to the lifeblood of a village have mostly being forgotten. We wish to make available traditional and contemporary skills in a village setting, that makes the learning and the using relevant to our modern life and we invite you into a space of co-creation.

Liability Waiver

The decision to take part in the festival and workshops is ultimately yours, as is the responsibility for whatever results come from that decision. Some workshops involve the use of body movement, sharp tools and/or use of fire or hot objects, and facilitators will do their best to make all participants aware of the inherent dangers of their particular workshop and relevant safety guidelines, however you (or you for your child) are responsible for using your own judgement and common sense when doing anything. If you (or your child) don’t feel ready/strong enough/whatever for something, then you don’t have to do it. We aren’t going to force you to do anything. We will also hold no judgement either way if you choose not to do something. If you (or your child) do attempt something and suffer injury at the festival, we will of course do everything we can to help. In the end we are in a natural and often unpredictable environment….if you want a safety cocoon it might be best to stay home.

While we believe in taking full personal responsibility for our actions, all participants will be asked to sign a waiver on entry to the festival.

Everyone (including Hollyburton Park guests, caterers, delivery services, helpers and volunteers) who enter Hollyburton Park farm​,​ including 24 hours before and after the festival times,​ does so at their own risk.  The Village Continuum organisers accept no​ liab​ility​ for any injuries or issues arising during this time frame.

Tickets and Refunds

Camping tickets are on sale until 24 October 2016.  Day passes are available at the gate.

Tickets are non-refundable.  If you have purchased a ticket and can’t attend the festival, you can change the name the ticket is booked under.  Name changes for bookings will only be accepted until 2 days before the festival (Thursday 27th October 2016).  You are responsible for notifying us of name changes via bookings@thevillagecontinuum.com.au. Name changes without notification will not be accepted.

Day Passes

Can’t get away for 3 days?  Day passes are also available.  They can be bought prior to the festival or at the gate.

Day passes include workshops, three delicious meals, chai and kids’ activities on the given day. Please note that day passes do not include overnight camping either prior or following the day of festival attendance.

Gates Open

Gates are open from 4pm – 9.30pm on Friday 2 November 2018 unless you are arriving early to assist with set up.  Enough time to finish work early and head to the festival, we will have dinner available for you from 6pm-7:30pm.    Second out of 9 catered meals is breakfast on Saturday mornin and the festival workshops kick off at 6.30am Saturday.

Please be there by 7pm on Friday for a bite to eat and the official opening at 7:30pm.

Gate opens at 6.30am on Saturday, Sunday and Monday for day ticket holders and campers arriving on the day.

Look out for TVC signs and enter through the main driveway. Please drive slowly along the 2km driveway (max speed 5km/h) until you reach registration. At this point you’ll be given your wristband and instructions on where to camp. Note that you aren’t required to bring printed tickets – we may ask for proof of ID to confirm your booking, but TVC does not use printed tickets.


We will be on site setting up from Thursday afternoon. We would love to have you come early and help us beautify, assemble and create a lush space! If you would like to participate in set up and therefore stay on site on Thursday night, please contact us to let us know in advance bookings@thevillagecontinuum.com.au Unless you are arriving early to assist with set up, gates open at 4pm on Friday with the festival kicking off with a yummy dinner at 6pm and opening at 7:30pm.


There is a camping area for tents a short walk from the main workshop area.  Cars are not allowed in this area. No tent? No worries. You can hire tiny house accommodation for the Festival from the lovely folks at Hollyburton Farm. You can even camp in your car if you don’t mind being in a paddock surrounded by other cars!


TVC is a fully catered event.  Most likely, meals will be suitable for your dietary requirements though please let us know in advance should you have any concerns. All meals are vegetarian and there will be gluten/dairy free options. Please make a note of any special dietary needs when you book tickets. If you have something really specific feel free to send us an email via thevillagecontinuum@gmail.com. Included in the ticket price are 9 wholesome meals, from Dinner on Friday, breakfast on Saturday morning …..to lunch on Monday. We do recommend for people to bring snacks as workshopping can create an unexpected appetite. Just in case 😉 We will provide a balanced diet for optimal nutrition, however if you are accustomed to a high protein diet, then please consider bringing along an additional source to your liking.

What should I bring?
  • Your own cup, bowl, plate and cutlery and something to carry them in
  • A chair or cushion to sit on for meals and workshops
  • A yoga mat if you wish to do yoga…
  • Tent and bedding (if camping) or bedding if you have booked tiny house accommodation
  • Loose comfortable, working clothes to feel comfortable attending the workshops of your choice
  • Warm clothes for the evening
  • Torch
  • A towel/swimming gear for swimming
  • Hat
  • Shawl or blanket
  • Instruments/performance items for open mic if you want to perform, or drums for drumming around the fire.
  • Extra snacks/fresh fruit for between meals

Please label all your belonging clearly with your name so if they get lost, you an find them again!


Any announcements or changes to the schedule (due to weather etc) will happen at mealtimes.  If you miss a meal or are late, ask around to see if you have missed anything important!

Washing Dishes
There will be a dish washing station at the Festival for you to wash and dry your dishes after meals. All the cooking, serving and meal preparation is taken care of so you can relax and enjoy the Village!
Cash machine – Are there EFTPOS/ ATM Facilities on site?

There are no EFTPOS or ATM facilities on the camp site though in a pinch you can drive to Clarkefield or Riddells Creek to a local service station.  Please bring plenty of cash with you if you intend to purchase any items from facilitators or at the market. Once you have purchased your ticket all catering is provided. If you are purchasing a ticket at the gate, please bring the correct money.


We’ll be taking photos during the festival.There is also a professional filming crew on site.  If you don’t want photos of you or your children to appear on our website or social media pages, let the volunteers at the gate know when you arrive. They’ll take a photo of you and we’ll make sure you’re not included.


Should I bring my children to the festival? How does it work with attending workshops?

The Village Continuum is a super family oriented event. Whilst there isn’t childcare, there will be a kids’ space with activities and many older kids will attend the official workshops (some workshops are suitable for children seven and over but please check in with us if you are not sure). The kids’ activities definitely aren’t childcare, but they are stimulating activities. Older children are sometimes okay to be left alone, but they are all different in their needs. The main thing to know is that if they wander off from a workshop, the facilitators can’t be responsible for bringing them back. Parents often make reciprocal agreements with each other where one parent stays with the children for the kids’ activities and the others go off to the ‘big kids workshops.’ This can be a good way for parents to share the childcare and make sure they get good adult time.

Pets – I’d like to bring my dog / cat / snake, is this okay?
Although we love dogs and animals, our site does not allow pets, as extra animals may be an issue with existing farm animals.  The farm is home to free ranging dogs, cats, chickens and geese.
Carpooling – I’d like to carpool to the festival but don’t know many others going.
Carpooling is a wonderful way of not only meeting other festival goers, but also reduces fuel and travel costs. Carpooling also helps us reduce the number of cars on site as well as our ecological footprint.  If you are using Facebook, you can ask for or offer a ride via the Facebook event page.