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Archery - BYO Bow*

TVC - ArcheryMost of us have shot a bow at some time in our lives. Get back into it! We will explore different traditions and shooting styles, explore different targets and more ways of having fun with archery.  We will explore the instinctive shooting method and you will gain some basic understanding on how to use your bow in more than one way. There is lots of space at Hollyburton Farm, more than you have in the usual suburbia. This will allow for more freestyle and fun. Bring your own bow. If you don’t have one, you are welcome to make your own with me in October21st/22nd in Trentham. Please check my website www.narrativeyoga.com.au for more information, workshop dates and locations.

Lars Richter has been working with Peter Yencken, co-founder of The Village Continuum and experienced traditional bowyer and craftsman  from 2013-2015.  Lars has taught bow making and other traditional skills to both children and adults in Australia since 2014 and has facilitated longbow making workshops for hundreds of people around Australia and overseas.  He invites you to read the blog about his story of how he got into archery here…  http://narrativeyoga.com.au/into-the-wood/

Arrow Making
Learn how to make your own arrows with field points, Tasmanian oak shafts and custom coloured feather fletches.  In this workshop you will make a single arrow.  If you’d like to make more arrows, they cost $5 each. TVC - JoshJoshua Frood picked up his first bow and arrows when he was eight and happily obsessed with all things medieval. He went on to learn his craft from Master Bowyer Peter Yencken at age eleven. He has since supplied arrows to Peter, and Lars Richter for their bow making workshops, to individual clients, and as film props. He taught his first arrow making workshop aged fourteen at The Village Continuum in 2015.
Basket Weaving
TVC - Basket Weaving

Working with foraged fibres and sitting in circle, we will create beautiful, rustic baskets by hand. The coiling technique is suitable for both beginners and experienced makers. Sitting with others to weave can bring times filled with energetic chatter and laughter and at others the most comfortable silence of being together with work in our hands. As we weave ourselves into our baskets, it can sometimes feel that in fact, our baskets are weaving us.

Please bring a wool needle along if you’d like to incorporate coloured threads and grasses if you feel called to forage.

TVC - Shelley
Shelley Krycer is an artist, maker and forager who has lovingly found these passions intersect with the ancient craft of basket weaving. Offering new ways to interact with her surroundings, the growth of plants through the seasons, meditative processes and heart felt sustainability, she has found much richness in her journey with basket weaving. Shelley facilitates basket weaving and art workshops with groups, always inspired by what can unfold when we gather together to create.
Blacksmithing - Flint and Steel

TVC - Blacksmithing Tools Learn how to make fire using a fire steel, stone and tinder with Speedy, our blacksmith. See how to make a fire steel. How to find, prepare and use the right type of stone. How to find and prepare different types of tinder.

Coal-Burn Spoon Making (BYO Knife)

TVC - Coal Burn Spoons Coal-burning is a traditional method used to create beautiful spoons, bowls and other items using coals from the fire, as well as whittling and carving with a knife. The technique is simple, fun and meditative. Like most earth skills, you will find hours fly by absorbed in the task, and the company of other crafters. As well as going home with a beautiful handmade spoon (perfect for a gift), you will learn a valuable survival skill, and much improved woodworking and knife skills. Requirements: Knife (3 inch blade or similar for whittling wood)




bio shot smaller

Claire Dunn is a journalist, rewilding facilitator, barefoot explorer, and author of the best selling My Year With Matches: Escaping the City in Search of the Wild. http://www.naturesapprentice.com.au/
TVC - Ostii-500px-Width-80-QualityOstii Ananda is a yoga teacher and bodyworker with years of exploration into connection practices. He is co-founder of ‘Pulse’ – a venue in Brunswick dedicated to dance and embodiment events. Ostii is also a ‘conscious technologist’ – offering technology coaching and support for businesses with purpose.

Dancing Freedom
TVC - Katie“Dancing yourself free” – A Dancing Freedom practice Dancing yourself free can mean many things, to many people, to me it means exactly this: A state of “freedom” obtained through movement in the body. Through a elemental wave of connected, curious, inquiring dance we explore our connection to our bodies, each other, and nature 🙂 Starting with the Earth we open up to the physical, our body’s sensations, connection of home, family, our roots and ancestry. Which flows in to water. Exploring our inner waters, sensuality, softness, our inner spectrum of emotions through the embodiment of moving meditation. Moving in to Fire we explore the depths of our inner passions, creative drives and will.  Chaotic or centred fire – you choose! Flowing grandly in to Air after the heat, opening to the changeability of all dynamics and directions. The joy, fun, play, laughter and childlike wonder that is a breeze carrying the dandelions through a storm. Finding our way through this internal elemental wave we reach either/great spirit. And take the chance to surrender through dance and breath to all that is, has and will be. Please come join us in your embodied movement and dance yourself free. “You can’t do it wrong” With love, Katie Buitenhuis
Drumming - BYO Hand Drums

Come and join us around the fire after dinner…Saturday night for an informal session of drumming.  Let’s make music together! Requirements: BYO hand drums.

Earth School Kids*
Earth Alchemy Forest School
Combining play, nature connection and creativity, our forest school session will cater to a range of interests and learning styles.
Some of the activities on offer are pencil making with fire melted cacao and beeswax crayon centres, bendy stick and bracken bow and arrows, leaf crowns, inky flower prints and whatever else our collected natural resources inspire!
Cheri is a mother and a qualified forest school leader originally from New Zealand where she studied and taught Rongoa Maori Medicine, outdoor pursuits, sustainable development and permaculture.  Her and her Steiner teacher friend Lena, are starting a wildschooling business in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. “Our purpose and passion, like many others, is to heal our connection to Gaia and to each other by listening to and living through the heart.”
Edile Forest Gardening

TVC - Edible Gardening Pic

This workshop aims to be a gateway and glimpse into the possibilities of edible forest gardening. We will talk about the fundamental principles of forest gardening before heading out to the field for some experiential learning.

A core aspect of edible forest gardening is using local species to create ecosystem mimicking gardens. By starting with species selected for and managed by indigenous peoples we create habitats that are ideally adapted to the local environment. From this starting point we can add our preferred species to provide the five ‘F’s –  Food, Fibre, Fun, Farmaceuticals and Fodder.

TVC - LiamOakGarden

Following a childhood spent roaming the bush as a field biology assistant, Liam Oakwood went into Environmental Sciences to gain further understanding of the planet we live on.  A search to find ways of acting on this knowledge culminated in the discovery of a food forest on the banks of the Merri Creek. A tribe of friendly garden creatures soon assembled, weaving and growing together. The inspiration of living in a food forest propelled Liam through a journey of knowledge that lead to a ten day intensive workshop on forest garden design. With this knowledge in hand, Liam seeks to propagate it across the lands.

Farm Tour*

Join our hosts, the Scott family as they take you on a tour around their certified organic farm.  The tour will cover eggs, animals, land management, milking goats and multi layered farming.

The Soctts are dedicated to sustainable agriculture and living with respect to the land, caring for their animals and being examples of the way farming can be. Free RangeSituated on 440 acres in the foothills of the stunning Macedon Ranges, Hollyburton Farm is home to Rob, Colita, Madelaine, Hailey, Arthur, goats, sheep, chickens and pigs.


Felted Shoes

Make your own felted wool slippers with Hollyburton organic wool.  Felted wool is an amazing medium to work in. It’s fluffy and squishy and very forgiving.

Colita will demonstrate the basic techniques for felting slippers.  If you would like to make your own pair of slippers it will cost $10 for the organic wool from Hollyburton’s own sheep.  You’ll get a little wet and soapy and take home a completed pair of slippers.
Colita Scott has lived at Hollyburton for 22 years and has managed their small flock of white suffolk sheep among other animals. All the organic wool is cleaned and made into batting for futon, doonas and felting and sold on the Hollyburton website.  She is a mother of three children that she has predominately home educated (the youngest is 14 and has just started school) and grandmother of one.  She manages the farm, the online business and gardens and in her spare time writes and makes felted shoes 🙂
Fermenting K-Style
Fermenting you’ve probably heard of, but K-Style fermenting? In this workshop you’ll get the lowdown about the 3 basic K’s – Kefir, Kombucha and Kraut.  You will experience first hand how to make Kefir and Kraut, with take home Kefir grains to get you started. There will be tastings and stories and lots of laughter. TVC - Kylie 100% Natural SoapNuts Australia cropped Kylie Richter-Cools has been living lightly on the earth and taking responsibility for health and well-being for 25 years (prior to that she was young and wild and exploring the boundaries of life on this planet!).  She is the founder and owner of 100% Natural SoapNuts Australia, has built an organic food box business from scratch and is now in her final year of study to become a registered Homeopath. Kylie’s wealth of life experience includes managing a busy medical clinic in Melbourne, teaching English as a second language to refugees and private investigative work in Indonesia.   She now lives in a rural setting with her family where she grows and prepares her food using traditional methods.  She is passionate about health, and fermenting is just one way she nurtures herself, her family and her friends.
Fire Making - BYO Knife

TVC - Friction FireNo matches no worries: Learn the art of traditional fire-by-friction using two techniques: hand drill and bow drill. You’ll never look at fire in the same way again.

Requirements: Knife with sheath (fixed blade, approx 10cm long and non serrated).  Available at Army Disposal type stores.

Michelle Yang is a Rewilding Instructor, who is passionate about skills, community and the earth. She has studied under the team at Nature Philosophy Australia and the Tracker School of New Jersey. With a background in horticulture and sustainability, Michelle enjoys sharing her knowledge with others to engage with and support the growing community of individuals deepening their connection to the nature through awareness and skills. Originally from Melbourne, Michelle now spends as much time as she can in the bush, furthering her skills, observing, meditating and exploring. She also runs regular workshops on traditional tanning and traditional food preparation and preservation.

Fishskin Tanning*

TVC - Fish Tanning Pic-18

Yes. The answer to your question is yes! You can create a durable and beautiful leather from fish skins. Usually a waste product from fishing/ seafood & restaurant industries you will learn the ancient art of fish leather tanning and take home your very own skins and the knowledge of how to practice on your own + naturally dye your fish leather (Lotta Rahme’s Traditional Tanning and Fish Leather books with detailed recipes will be available to buy – $45 each or $80 for a pair).


Josh has been collaborating with Lotta Rahme (Sweden), author and tanner who, for over the last 30 years has been studying and working with the art of traditional tanning. Most of her knowledge has been acquired directly from various cultures across the planet including Inuit, Native American, Sami and Ainu women. Since returning home to Australia, Josh has been facilitating workshops with a focus on using waste and non-synthetic materials to produce durable, ethical and natural leather products to move away from the current harmful industries and to further awaken the joyous spirit of matching our nature with nature. For more information you can check out The Bush Tannery on Facebook or email thebushtannery@gmail.com

Foraged Weed PestoForaging bush foods, weeds and garden plants for food; there is no more sustainable way to eat!  This informational walking tour will get you on your way to confidently identify and harvest the wild edibles that grow in the Greater Melbourne area and the tools and techniques you can use to identify plants further afield.  Come for some hands-on learning about how to harvest and prepare some commonly available wild edibles from the Village Continuum festival site.   Facilitated by postgraduate-trained horticulturalist Michelle Yangwww.backyardbuckskin.wordpress.com
Herbalism and Bushfood *

TVC - HerbalismCome meet some plants, some native, some naturalized, and learn how to make medicine from them! This practical workshop will teach you how to grow and look after your own herbs. Which ones to find in the wild, and how to identify them correctly. Participants will learn how to harvest, dry and make a tincture and a balm. We will also discuss basic herbal actions and constituents.



Lily is a self taught permaculturist and herbalist, who hopes to connect people to one another and to their environment through practical open source skill sharing. She has always grown her own food and medicine and has an intuitive relationship with plants. After working at a native plant nursery for the last year running workshops on plant propagation, botanical art and herbalism, she is now studying formally for the first time, a degree in Western Herbal Medicine.

Introduction to Natural Cheese Making
“Blessed are the cheese makers”
Learn unpasturised cheese making using natural cultures (non industrial produced cultures) and traditional methods.  Speedy will show you how to turn basic raw milk into rennet cheese or chèvre cheese. The workshop will include adding salt and how to add ash to the cheese.  Speedy will also demonstrate how to capture blue mould from a cheese to inoculate other batches and create your own blue cheese.  He will also bring along some matured, soft cheese for tasting.
Speedy is new to cheese making but is passionate about making his own food and has been doing so all his life.  He’s into plants, self-reliance and living the good life.
*Not suitable for pregnant women, the elderly or folk who are immune compromised.
Introduction to traditional tanning*

This year Josh will be introducing the 3 main types of traditional tanning methods that can be practiced at home with little to no prerequisite knowledge. Using only organic and earth friendly ingredients, Josh will speak about how to preserve a furskin i.e. rabbit, fox, Kangaroo, Sheepskin, how to make buckskin (synonymous with First Nations/ Native American Indian leathers) using either brains, or oil/ eggs/ soap and bark tanning which uses tree bark to make vegetable tanned leather. In this workshop you will come away with a basic understanding of the 3 main types of tanning and perhaps an opportunity to sign up to a workshop depending on availability at the time. Children welcome with a parent or guardian as there will be some sharp tools on display to explain the techniques involved in each process (If you are really wanting to try out tanning, the fish tanning workshop is a great way to introduce yourself and or your child to this incredible ancient practice). ***All skins are either from genuine waste sources (e.g. Sushi restaraunts, culling programs), or conscious farms and practices that treat their animals with respect and are as local as possible. Also, some tools and leather items will be available for sale at the market tent over the weekend.

While Josh spends most of his time collecting dead animals/ skins, brewing up tanning and natural dye solutions, leather-crafting, juggling community life and putting sticks closer together, he also loves to explore and rediscover non-synthetic/ low tech ways of building. After a few months of swagging it in the bush with a lean-to shelter made from bush poles onsite, ropemaking naturally tied in. Learning to use the whole tree and a testament to the truth of no such thing as waste! A very important and basic bushcraft skill for anyone on their journey.







Kids' Tent - Damper Making


Damper is the quintessential Aussie bread, cooked in the coals of a campfire. At this year’s Village Continuum, children will be able to cook their very own damper over the fire and then eat it with a variety of toppings including butter, honey and jam. Gluten and dairy free options will be available.

Kids' Tent - Nature Connection Wander and Games

Come and share your natural curiosity with us. Wander through the trees, learn new games, practice sneaking skills to get a closer look at animals, listen for the language of the birds, follow tracks, discover more about the plants, birds and creatures that share this place with us.

TVC - Mel pic

Mel Turnbull is a nature connection mentor who works mostly with kids, through her business Firekeepers. She is a former nurse who now prefers to heal via connection and community.  She’s an ardent food grower, happy forager, soulful singer, bubbly fermenter, nutrient dense food aficionado and circus kid.

Kids' Tent - Recycled Paper Making

TVC - Paper Making Pic

Handmade paper – paper making is recycling!

This Paper Making workshop is hands on creative fun! Throughout the session Sharnn will encourage you to reuse, reinvent and recycle and turn your paper scraps into your own handmade paper.

You will learn the ancient art of paper making from start to finish including pulp production, forming, couching and drying to beautiful finished handmade paper you can take home. Sharnn can show you some easy tricks with embossing to create various finishes on your paper using whatever things we can find in nature.

Recycled Paper Making is just one of Sharnn’s many loves and she is offering a 2 hour workshop to introduce children and adults alike, how environmental considerations, creativity and mindfulness all fit together.

TVC - Sharn

Sharnn Watts arrived in Australia at age 20 from the UK with a rural upbringing in the New Forest of Wiltshire and has spent the last 33 years exploring nature, her creativity and this beautiful country she calls home. She has been crafting in one form or another and sharing with others, all while she has raised three children (20, 18 and 11). She has lived in tune with the seasons and close to nature in the bush of the Dandenong Ranges for over 20 years. She has studied, taught and worked in the fields of Horticulture, permaculture, bush regeneration, yoga, meditation and reiki, yet craft has always been something she turns to for her meditation!!

Leather Craft*

During this workshop you’ll create and take home your very own pouch using vegetable tanned, kangaroo skin.  You’ll learn the difference between hides and skins and how to sew your leather by hand using traditional tools and techniques.

Indrani Perera has extensive leather working experience and has worked with cow, deer and kangaroo leathers. Some of her projects include armour, jewellery, arrow quivers, journals, bags and shoes.  Indrani says, “I’m passionate about combining natural materials and traditional craft techniques to make fabulous, functional items.”  www.indraniperera.com

Moon Rise Mothers *
This is a sacred circle for people who are at any stage of the motherhood journey; women who have birthed, mothers-to-be, grandmothers, trans-women who parent, bereaved parents, women who want to explore “mother”.  We will share in discussion, painting and movement, exploring how we relate to the figure of “mother”, cultivating self-awareness and opening new possibilities for re-claiming and re-writing the mother narrative. It is a time to honour ourselves in the role of mother in solidarity with others. This support is essential to fuel the self-love and wellness required to sustain us in this journey of motherhood.
I am Aisha, a single mother of 2. I am passionate about parenting as a legitimate spiritual path and self-growth journey. I am passionate about the power generated by women coming together. I have worked as a community development worker since 2000, working with children, youth, women, families and parents, in group work and individual case-work. I currently work with the issue of perinatal grief through community programs and events. I’m also trained in Steiner early childhood development, having held parent/child circles in both Sydney and Melbourne. Since 1994, I’ve been a performer and film/theatre maker and artist.
Mowing with a Scythe
ZenSpeedy will teach you to use a European Style scythe to mow lawn, grass for hay or clearing weeds.  Learn how to set up a scythe to suit your body for maximum ergonomic efficiency and which type of blade to chose for different types of vegetation. This workshop will also cover peening blades (sharpening) with hammer and anvil, honing with whetstone, maintaining and repairing blades. Blades, snaths (handles) , and all accessories will be available for sale at the workshop.  For prices and a bit more info, visit scythesaustralia.com.au
Natural Dyeing
TVC - Yarn You will learn how to successfully dye yarn, fibre and fabric from leaves, roots and flowers.  Heather will show you how to easily obtain a range of colours from plants found around the area and in our kitchens.  She will demonstrate how to choose and prepare different plant matter for dyeing.  How to prepare cloth, fibre and yarn for even and colourfast dyeing. Heather will bring a range of different yarns so you can see how dyeing effects the different fibres.  You will learn how and why to use mordants when using natural dyes, how to obtain different shades of colour from one dye pot and how to create patterned fabrics. Participants are welcome to bring some of their own natural wool and silk yarns, fibres, cloth and clothing which they would like to dye with some of the techniques they will learn. This is a wonderful opportunity to dye your own yarn in a range of harmonious natural coloured hues for a future project. Participants will need to bring a notebook and rubber gloves.   heather+thomasHeather Thomas has taught workshops on natural dyes and spinning for several years and has been dyeing and spinning for 20 years now!
Natural Rope Making by hand *

Bush Rope 

Learn how to make two different types of rope using only your hands, some wool/animal fibre, a stick, a bit of water and soap. The first method you will learn is how to hand felt and full a rope from sheep’s wool. This method is suitable for children to learn, in fact they love doing this. The second method involves spinning sheep/alpaca wool on a stick then crocheting it into a rope.  The spinning and crocheting can be done on foraged sticks that you whittle or there will be sticks and crochet hooks available for you to use.


Zephlyn Neilsen

Zephlyn  Neilsen is a bush dwelling, nature loving, textile artist and stone age craftsperson.  She has had many incarnations but has settled in the wilds of the upper Yarra Valley and teaches Textiles, works as an Arts Therapist and Intuitive Reader/Healer/Astrologer. Creativity that involves raw materials and a minimum of technology are her favourites, such as felting, natural dyeing, spinning, crocheting and printmaking. She is currently working on creating a co-op run wool processing facility so local wool crafters can buy local wool processed in Australia vs China.







Nature Awareness Games*
Nature Awareness Games

Open your awareness, open your curiosity. What is there to discover about the more than human world around you? What does your body already know? Learn about the multi sensory super powers that you already poses and how to tune them in. This all ages nature awareness games session will open your awareness to deepen your ability for nature connection … and it’s guaranteed to be fun!


Mel Turnbull grew up on Boon Wurrung and Wurrundjeri country, in a place otherwise known as Melbourne. Growing up with plenty of siblings and regularly camping and exploring the outdoors with other families, Mel feels comfortable among a tribe. Mel has been working with kids for over 20 years and mentoring people in nature connection since 2010. Mel runs Firekeepers, a not-for-profit organisation delivering nature connection programs and camps in and around Melbourne. Through their nature clubs, workshops and camps, Firekeepers works to deepen connection with Earth, Ancestors, Ourselves, Community and the More-than-human, offering these strings of connection forward to future generations. 
Nourishing Foods Taster- Bone Broth & Butter Making

This informative and hands-on workshop is a taster of some of the traditional foods of our ancestors. Learn how to simply prepare nourishing bone broths to form the basis of many meals and have fun turning local cream into butter- is there anything better? You will come away with a greater understanding of how our diets have diverged from those of our ancestors and a closer connection to them through simple food principles and techniques. TVC - Mel pic

Mel Turnbull is a nature connection mentor, healer (former nurse who now prefers to heal with food and herbs), ardent food grower, happy forager, soulful singer, bubbly fermenter and nutrient dense food aficionado. She is currently creating a small business in Urban Nature Connection & Wild Living. Through it she provides opportunities for people to connect to themselves, the natural world and build a like-minded community.    www.facebook.com/wearethefirekeepers

Photo by Gina Chick, Bluegum Bushcraft

Tiny House Basics*

An introduction to building your own tiny house. All you need to know to get started! The tiny house movement is growing in Australia. This is based on affordability and the need to down size and make life simple.  Studio trucks have also been used as offices, teenage pads, granny flats, spare bedrooms, love shacks and weekenders. http://www.hollyburton.com.au/?q=studio-trucks TVC _ RobRob Scott trained as an architect at Melbourne Uni in the 80’s, but loves more creative projects. Over the last few years has been building studio trucks; rooms on the back of trucks. These trucks are great extra spaces and you don’t need council approval, just drive and park out the back, plug in an extension cord and wallah you have a beautiful room.  Visit Studio Trucks to see Rob’s fabulous handiwork.

Tools For Continuum Parenting

In this workshop Kate will introduce you to some of what she has learned over fifteen years of being a parent.   She will give you tips and offer guidance, through both theory and experiential play, in skills, practices, ideas and philosophies that have served her in building strong connection, love and trust with her children.

Learn and explore:

  • About listening as an art, and it’s vital role as a communication skill in cultivating connection, based on humanist psychology
  • Simple ways to nurture connection with self and others during times of stress or just for fun
  • The relationship between children and parent, and the possibilities of what our role as parent is, with reminders and inspiration for being the parent you want to be!


TVC - Kate

As a passionate mother of three children, Kate Horne has from the very outset of parenthood in 2000, pursued a greater understanding of being an effective parent.  In the pursuit of being all that she could be for her children, Kate undertook Parent Effectiveness Training in 2006 and followed a year later with facilitator training. In the following years she has built upon its foundation in humanistic based communication skills with the influence of NVC, The Work and The Continuum Concept.  She advocates for authentic and heart-centred parenting like Naomi Aldort and Scott Noelle.

Kate is by no means an ‘expert’ parent, and is still honing these skills, through the challenges and joys of day to day living and growing with children.

She offers courses each term in Parent Effectiveness Training, and personal parenting support sessions, in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, an hour from Melbourne.



Lars teaches a dynamic style of Hatha Yoga adapted from the Sakti Krama Vikasaka flowing Yoga techniques used by the warrior class in ancient India .  It is suitable for all levels and benefits all the nerves that extend to the internal organs, limbs and extremities promoting great health, well-being and strong muscles that function gracefully.

The movements have been carefully arranged to bring harmony to the body and mind.  Great attention is given to the ancient Hatha Yoga science of inception of Prana with inhalation of breath and release of contraction, negativity and tension with exhalation of breath.

The combination of Yoga and Martial arts techniques has a strong and pleasant effect on your whole being, “upgrading” your nervous system, strengthen your hormonal functions and aligning your posture.


Lars Richter has been studying Yoga, Qi-Gong and similar energy work practices since 1996. He has been teaching Yoga and Meditation in Germany since 2001 and running workshops overseas since living in Australia. He holds a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling, is a certified life coach and marma massage practitioner and has extensive knowledge and experience in wholesome living on many levels. www.narrativeyoga.com.au




* Please note that only the workshops marked with “*” are confirmed for The Village Continuum 2017. Workshops will be confirmed as early as possible. We always had a colourful variety of workshops in the previous years.