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Archery - BYO Bow*

TVC - ArcheryMost of us have shot a bow at some time in our lives. Get back into it! We will explore different traditions and shooting styles, explore different targets and more ways of having fun with archery.  We will explore the instinctive shooting method and you will gain some basic understanding on how to use your bow in more than one way. There is lots of space at Hollyburton Farm, more than you have in the usual suburbia. This will allow for more freestyle and fun. Bring your own bow. If you don’t have one, you are welcome to make your own with me in October21st/22nd in Trentham. Please check my website www.narrativeyoga.com.au for more information, workshop dates and locations.

Lars Richter has been working with Peter Yencken, co-founder of The Village Continuum and experienced traditional bowyer and craftsman  from 2013-2015.  Lars has taught bow making and other traditional skills to both children and adults in Australia since 2014 and has facilitated longbow making workshops for hundreds of people around Australia and overseas.  He invites you to read the blog about his story of how he got into archery here…  http://narrativeyoga.com.au/into-the-wood/

Basket Weaving
TVC - Basket Weaving

Working with foraged fibres and sitting in circle, we will create beautiful, rustic baskets by hand. The coiling technique is suitable for both beginners and experienced makers. Sitting with others to weave can bring times filled with energetic chatter and laughter and at others the most comfortable silence of being together with work in our hands. As we weave ourselves into our baskets, it can sometimes feel that in fact, our baskets are weaving us.

Please bring a wool needle along if you’d like to incorporate coloured threads and grasses if you feel called to forage.

TVC - Shelley
Shelley Krycer is an artist, maker and forager who has lovingly found these passions intersect with the ancient craft of basket weaving. Offering new ways to interact with her surroundings, the growth of plants through the seasons, meditative processes and heart felt sustainability, she has found much richness in her journey with basket weaving. Shelley facilitates basket weaving and art workshops with groups, always inspired by what can unfold when we gather together to create.

TVC - Blacksmithing Tools

Blacksmithing is a great way to turn scrap metal into beautiful, functional objects.
In this workshop you will learn how to make simple forged tools using traditional methods.
Jeremy will demonstrate the basic techniques of drawing out, bending and finishing with linseed oil.
Jeremy Yau learnt the art of blacksmithing while travelling throughout Australia, trading his labour in exchange for experience. He was mentored by Bruce Teakle in Mount Glorious, near Brisbane. Jeremy has designed and built his own forge from recycled materials. He holds certificates in horticulture and welding, and is currently living with the neo-peasant collective Artist as Family in central Victoria.
Creating Your Morning Rituals*

What is your morning like? You get up, get dress, and rush your breaky without thinking and go on with your day? Or you are struggling to leave your bed in the morning and feeling drained? What would it feels like to wake up every single day as if it is going to be the best day of your life?


My name is Christopher. And I will be running a workshop at The Village Continuum to share my new found passion of creating a productive and creative flow to begin your day. I would share the 6 activities I have been doing to significantly enhance our performance, productivity, and mindfulness.

Photographer and Videographer. And only recently a firm believer of the law of attraction. That is why I am very conscious of the thoughts and emotion I carry. I love the life I have now and dreaming the future life I will have soon!


Dance ya heart out*

Elky and Anna (open floor teacher in training) are both committed dancers, singers & music lovers.

Elky is particularly passionate about healing our critical relationships with our own bodies through dance and Anna is lit up by her shiatsu practise & brings her knowledge of living seasonally through Chinese medicine & the energetic meridian system to her movement as medicine.
They are inspired by the wisdom of the body & believe that we can best tap into that well of wisdom through dance.
Dance ya heart out – consciously baby will be a soulful, fun, non judgemental space to really feel and express what is alive within your body. With light facilitation you will be invited to look inward at what is under the surface, to breath, to shake it all out, to move in whatever way feels good.
Dancing Freedom*

Dancing Freedom is a practice of liberation. It is a somatic, ecstatic and shamanic dance practice supporting the emergence of living oneness. It is fun, easy, elegant and empowering. It heals. It reveals. It welcomes. Any person of any age, size, color or creed can do it. When we come together we come in peace to create a deep space of shared practice, transformation and community.

Dancing freedom utilizes the power of the elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Dancing with the elements informs us how we can use these elements as teachers and guides in the dance of life.


Serra Stone is a dancer, dreamer and adventurer. A Dancing Freedom Facilitator and Hawaiian lomilomi practitioner she aims to weave Aloha (unconditional love) through everything she does.

With a degree in Adventure Ecotourism and various trainings in Shamanic practices including vision quest protecting Serra is passionate about deep nature connection and how our connection to the more than human world can bring us into greater emotional, physical and spiritual health. Serra is passionate about living life as abundantly, passionately and as full of love as possible.




Drumming - BYO Hand Drums

Come and join us around the fire after dinner…Saturday night for an informal session of drumming.  Let’s make music together! Requirements: BYO hand drums.

Earth School Kids*
Earth Alchemy Forest School
Combining play, nature connection and creativity, our forest school session will cater to a range of interests and learning styles.
Some of the activities on offer are pencil making with fire melted cacao and beeswax crayon centres, bendy stick and bracken bow and arrows, leaf crowns, inky flower prints and whatever else our collected natural resources inspire!
Cheri is a mother and a qualified forest school leader originally from New Zealand where she studied and taught Rongoa Maori Medicine, outdoor pursuits, sustainable development and permaculture.  Her and her Steiner teacher friend Lena, are starting a wildschooling business in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. “Our purpose and passion, like many others, is to heal our connection to Gaia and to each other by listening to and living through the heart.”
Farm Tour*

Let Madelaine Scott show you around the wide, open pastures of Madelaine’s Eggs and learn all the ins and outs of certified organic, truly free-range, chicken farming. Learn how she moves the chickens every second day to fresh pasture, see what she feeds them and find out how she raises the baby chicks in the farm’s orchard. Learn why Madelaine does things this way and certified organic is so important.

You will also get to see Madelaine’s crowd-funded egg cleaning machine in action and get an inside look at this small but massively labor-saving device.

Meet all the many farm animals that live at Hollyburton. The cattle, sheep, pigs, the herd of milking goats and most importantly the Maremma dogs that guard the chickens every day.



The Soctts are dedicated to sustainable agriculture and living with respect to the land, caring for their animals and being examples of the way farming can be. Free RangeSituated on 440 acres in the foothills of the stunning Macedon Ranges.


Fishskin Tanning*

TVC - Fish Tanning Pic-18

Yes. The answer to your question is yes! You can create a durable and beautiful leather from fish skins. Usually a waste product from fishing/ seafood & restaurant industries you will learn the ancient art of fish leather tanning and take home your very own skins and the knowledge of how to practice on your own + naturally dye your fish leather (Lotta Rahme’s Traditional Tanning and Fish Leather books with detailed recipes will be available to buy – $45 each or $80 for a pair).


Josh has been collaborating with Lotta Rahme (Sweden), author and tanner who, for over the last 30 years has been studying and working with the art of traditional tanning. Most of her knowledge has been acquired directly from various cultures across the planet including Inuit, Native American, Sami and Ainu women. Since returning home to Australia, Josh has been facilitating workshops with a focus on using waste and non-synthetic materials to produce durable, ethical and natural leather products to move away from the current harmful industries and to further awaken the joyous spirit of matching our nature with nature. For more information you can check out The Bush Tannery on Facebook or email thebushtannery@gmail.com

hemp building demo*
The Workshop
In the Village Continuum Hemp Building Workshop, participants will get an overview of the various aspects of the hemp plant and its many uses with an emphasis on the benefits of building with hemp. The workshop will then cover the technical details of constructing a hemp building along with a hands on demonstration of building a section of hemp wall.
For further details contact:
David 0407 775 336
David Brian has been connected to the hemp industry for over 6 years. In that time he has participated in and conducted a number of hemp building workshops and demonstrations. David did a hemp conversion on an old cottage at Bungil Farm near Kyneton and is available to do hemp wall installations, consult and supervise owner builders and conduct hemp building workshops and demonstrations.
David has an in depth knowledge of all aspects of hemp and is in the planning and capital raising phase of establishing a hemp farm and processing facility in Northern Victoria. This facility will cater to David’s love of farming, innovation and sustainability.
David Brian
0407 775 336
The Workshop
In the Village Continuum Hemp Building Workshop, participants will get an overview of the various aspects of the hemp plant and its many uses with an emphasis on the benefits of building with hemp. The workshop will then cover the technical details of constructing a hemp building along with a hands on demonstration of building a section of hemp wall.
For further details contact:
David 0407 775 336
There is also a hemp farm open day at Bungil Farm, Kyneton on Sunday November 12th for anyone wanting to see a finished hemp building. There will also be hemp building demonstrations, hemp products for sale, entertainment, horse buggy rides and lots more. For details and bookings www.Trybooking.com/318568 hemp building demo
Herbalism and Bushfood *

TVC - HerbalismCome meet some plants, some native, some naturalized, and learn how to make medicine from them! This practical workshop will teach you how to grow and look after your own herbs. Which ones to find in the wild, and how to identify them correctly. Participants will learn how to harvest, dry and make a tincture and a balm. We will also discuss basic herbal actions and constituents.



Lily is a self taught permaculturist and herbalist, who hopes to connect people to one another and to their environment through practical open source skill sharing. She has always grown her own food and medicine and has an intuitive relationship with plants. After working at a native plant nursery for the last year running workshops on plant propagation, botanical art and herbalism, she is now studying formally for the first time, a degree in Western Herbal Medicine.

Introduction to traditional tanning*

This year Josh will be introducing the 3 main types of traditional tanning methods that can be practiced at home with little to no prerequisite knowledge. Using only organic and earth friendly ingredients, Josh will speak about how to preserve a furskin i.e. rabbit, fox, Kangaroo, Sheepskin, how to make buckskin (synonymous with First Nations/ Native American Indian leathers) using either brains, or oil/ eggs/ soap and bark tanning which uses tree bark to make vegetable tanned leather. In this workshop you will come away with a basic understanding of the 3 main types of tanning and perhaps an opportunity to sign up to a workshop depending on availability at the time. Children welcome with a parent or guardian as there will be some sharp tools on display to explain the techniques involved in each process (If you are really wanting to try out tanning, the fish tanning workshop is a great way to introduce yourself and or your child to this incredible ancient practice). ***All skins are either from genuine waste sources (e.g. Sushi restaraunts, culling programs), or conscious farms and practices that treat their animals with respect and are as local as possible. Also, some tools and leather items will be available for sale at the market tent over the weekend.

While Josh spends most of his time collecting dead animals/ skins, brewing up tanning and natural dye solutions, leather-crafting, juggling community life and putting sticks closer together, he also loves to explore and rediscover non-synthetic/ low tech ways of building. After a few months of swagging it in the bush with a lean-to shelter made from bush poles onsite, ropemaking naturally tied in. Learning to use the whole tree and a testament to the truth of no such thing as waste! A very important and basic bushcraft skill for anyone on their journey.







Kids' Tent - Nature Connection Wander and Games

Come and share your natural curiosity with us. Wander through the trees, learn new games, practice sneaking skills to get a closer look at animals, listen for the language of the birds, follow tracks, discover more about the plants, birds and creatures that share this place with us.


Kombucha kitchen - fermented tea*

Come explore the delicious world of fermented tea, or kombucha with home herbalist Sarah Cowell. We’ll look at what kombucha and a ‘scoby’ is, some of the health benefits and how easy it is to make you own at home. We will taste a plain and a naturally flavoured ‘booch’ and discover ways to create delicious natural flavours in secondary ferments with fruits and herbs. This is a demonstration class with tastings. Bring a lidded jar in case we have spare scoby for you to take home to make your own kombucha.


Sarah Cowell has a deep love for and connection with plants. Her life is steeped in tea, woven with herbs and moved by Mystery. If not pottering with her plants or soaking in the sky, by day she is Creatrix in the kitchen – making kombucha, herbal medicine or whatever calls – and by night she explores the world of poetry, dreams, soul and the inner realms. And is starting to learn the guitar. Dancing, singing and being in nature are also things she loves but doesn’t make nearly enough time for.

Leather Craft*

During this workshop you’ll create and take home your very own pouch using vegetable tanned, kangaroo skin.  You’ll learn the difference between hides and skins and how to sew your leather by hand using traditional tools and techniques.

Indrani Perera has extensive leather working experience and has worked with cow, deer and kangaroo leathers. Some of her projects include armour, jewellery, arrow quivers, journals, bags and shoes.  Indrani says, “I’m passionate about combining natural materials and traditional craft techniques to make fabulous, functional items.”  www.indraniperera.com

Making fire by friction: hand-drill*

“A fire will warm you three ways. Gathering the material, Making it, Sitting beside it.”

-Anonymous –

Reconnect to the ways of our ancestors.

Learn to make fire!

Before matches, before lighters, before electric heaters, there were humans making fire with nothing but their hands and some sticks.

You can too!

The secret is knowledge.

This workshop will introduce you to primitive fire lighting skills and knowledge of the hand drill method through a practical experience. Learn how to create tinder bundles, spindles, and base boards, all out of natural materials found in our environment. At the end of this workshop you will leave having learnt the skills of how and where to harvest your own natural materials from nature, and how to turn the simple sticks harvested into fire creating tools!


Taught by Mel and Steph BYO knife

Moon Rise Mothers *
This is a sacred circle for people who are at any stage of the motherhood journey; women who have birthed, mothers-to-be, grandmothers, trans-women who parent, bereaved parents, women who want to explore “mother”.  We will share in discussion, painting and movement, exploring how we relate to the figure of “mother”, cultivating self-awareness and opening new possibilities for re-claiming and re-writing the mother narrative. It is a time to honour ourselves in the role of mother in solidarity with others. This support is essential to fuel the self-love and wellness required to sustain us in this journey of motherhood.
I am Aisha, a single mother of 2. I am passionate about parenting as a legitimate spiritual path and self-growth journey. I am passionate about the power generated by women coming together. I have worked as a community development worker since 2000, working with children, youth, women, families and parents, in group work and individual case-work. I currently work with the issue of perinatal grief through community programs and events. I’m also trained in Steiner early childhood development, having held parent/child circles in both Sydney and Melbourne. Since 1994, I’ve been a performer and film/theatre maker and artist.
Music 'The Tasty Morsels'*

Elky (vocals) and Robin (guitar and vocals), aka ‘The Tasty Morsels’ will be providing a stripped-back, acoustic performance of original and covered songs with influences from blues, soul, folk, and funk. As members of an intentional community within Victoria they are passionate about the important role that music, creativity, and self-expression play as part of a healthy society, and are very excited to be involved in The Village Continuum.

Natural Building; The Power of Mud*

Let us show you the power of mud, the power of self-empowerment. As we share with you our dance of life with imagery of our hand built cob cottage and a discussion about natural building, the philosophy of building with earthen materials and how you can get involved.
This will be followed by a mud dance, to get you stomping in cob, which you will use to sculpt and build a little pixie cottage at the foot of a tree.


Michelle & Nick are natural builders aspiring to create a world in which we live in harmony with Mother Nature and her cycles. Specializing in cob, a raw earth building material consisting of clay, sand, straw and water. Having built a cottage of their own and participated in many other building projects, they are passionate about sharing their skills and empowering people to be able to sculpt a home for themselves, to teach them how to truly appreciate our earth and show them that a home is more than a material object. It is your cradle in the universe, a sacred space full to the brim with life!

Natural Rope Making by hand *

Bush Rope 

Learn how to make two different types of rope using only your hands, some wool/animal fibre, a stick, a bit of water and soap. The first method you will learn is how to hand felt and full a rope from sheep’s wool. This method is suitable for children to learn, in fact they love doing this. The second method involves spinning sheep/alpaca wool on a stick then crocheting it into a rope.  The spinning and crocheting can be done on foraged sticks that you whittle or there will be sticks and crochet hooks available for you to use.


Zephlyn Neilsen

Zephlyn  Neilsen is a bush dwelling, nature loving, textile artist and stone age craftsperson.  She has had many incarnations but has settled in the wilds of the upper Yarra Valley and teaches Textiles, works as an Arts Therapist and Intuitive Reader/Healer/Astrologer. Creativity that involves raw materials and a minimum of technology are her favourites, such as felting, natural dyeing, spinning, crocheting and printmaking. She is currently working on creating a co-op run wool processing facility so local wool crafters can buy local wool processed in Australia vs China.







Nature Awareness Games*
Nature Awareness Games

Open your awareness, open your curiosity. What is there to discover about the more than human world around you? What does your body already know? Learn about the multi sensory super powers that you already poses and how to tune them in. This all ages nature awareness games session will open your awareness to deepen your ability for nature connection … and it’s guaranteed to be fun!


Mel Turnbull grew up on Boon Wurrung and Wurrundjeri country, in a place otherwise known as Melbourne. Growing up with plenty of siblings and regularly camping and exploring the outdoors with other families, Mel feels comfortable among a tribe. Mel has been working with kids for over 20 years and mentoring people in nature connection since 2010. Mel runs Firekeepers, a not-for-profit organisation delivering nature connection programs and camps in and around Melbourne. Through their nature clubs, workshops and camps, Firekeepers works to deepen connection with Earth, Ancestors, Ourselves, Community and the More-than-human, offering these strings of connection forward to future generations. 
Permaculture: How to Feed a Village
Permaculture: How to Feed a Village
This workshop is tailored to beginners and those who are seasoned in Permaculture but could do with a refresher, or would like to ask some specific questions.
It would be incredible to move towards living more permanently as a tribal community, honing our crafts while caring for the land and each other. But, how can we do this practically? How can we feed the Village we want to create?
Join The Perma Pixie as she explores the concept of Permaculture and how it can assist in efficient lifestyle and garden methods that may assist us on the path to community-resilience. Focusing on simple and practical solutions, The Perma Pixie aims to empower people to reclaim food and medicine and re-establish functional communities through education.
Learn techniques and strategies that can be applied to your own home gardens, and explore ideas on market gardening, urban farming and community systems.

Taj Scicluna
The Perma Pixie
The Perma Pixie intends on creating a fertile and abundant world, where the Earth’s resources are distributed fairly and with care and responsibility. She aims to facilitate a fusion of Ancient Wisdom with Modern Times,

weaving the awareness of the past with the knowledge at present to form a synergy that will benefit future generations.

​This is where functionality meets alchemy, a marriage of the mystical and practicality, an awareness of the internal and external landscapes which can exist in harmony.

Through Passionate Permaculture Education and Regenerative Environmental Services such as Permaculture Design and the creation of diverse ornamental Edible and Medicinal  Gardens, The Perma Pixie aims to nurture diversity and protect ecology through harbouring healthy and resilient communities and ecosystems. 
Primitive Pottery*

Come and get acquainted with clay, feel its grounding quality and the satisfaction of hand building a beautiful vessel. We will learn how to sculpt traditional pinch pots and will fire the pieces using the ancient pit firing method. Materials will be provided. Bring your passion to connect with your hands and we will explore and create together.

Maggie is a Steiner teacher in training and a lover of arts and crafting. She is passionate about playing with clay as a meditative process in which to deeper connection with the body, the quiet whispers of the soul and the earth.





revolutionise energy systems*

Unravelling the mystery and deliberate paradigms of today’s energy crisis. With focus on real, practical solutions for modern energy needs centred around intelligent design and versatility. Using off the shelf technology to revolutionise energy systems and hack electronics to satisfy off-grid living needs. This topic is one that is dreaded and feared by some due to its seemingly complex nature, however with helpful hints and small steps we can minimise the stress associated with building such systems.



Snares, Traps, Triggers & Tripwires - A lazy Hunters Guide*

Survival and preparedness instructor Aleziah “Al” Spiers BM presents the ancient practice of setting traps and snares for catching small to medium game.

The topic of trapping could fill several volumes but Al will present you with the basic information needed to become an effective trapper using only materials you can find and a knife or saw. You will learn some basic tracking and animal sign identification for trap placement. You will be shown small snares suitable for capturing rabbits and mice, to nets for birds, all the way up to large counter-weight operated traps capable of lifting a 45kg animal into the air.
You will then have a time of your own with a wire saw and as much cord as you like to make your own trap in a controlled environment and have them professionally assessed for effectiveness.
Spoon Making (BYO Knife)*

Workshop bio

There is something truly exhilarating about adventuring into the hidden wonders of wood.  There is another thing that is warm and grounding about making a thing of beauty that you can use. There is also a special feeling that comes from sitting together and creating. This workshop is aiming to encapsulate these 3 things and transform them magically into hand carved wooden spoons. All Tools and Timber will be provided so just bring your own enthusiasm and we will create spoons together.

Personal Bio

George is a Yoga Teacher, Musician and Spoon Carver. His love of growth is reflected in a deeply rooted desire to help bring about positive change in the world. George’s teaching style is warm and enthusisatic. George has seen the tangible results of combining Yogic embodiment, spirituality and the arts and crafts. The effects have transformed his relationship to life. Through his own experiences and working closely with students, George has a particular insight into, and empathy for, the unique challenges that we face as we learn. He sees this as an asset as we are all students meandering though the world in our own ways.

The White Serpent King - story telling w Simeon*

Story telling is the original workshop formula. Stories have grown out of our relationship to the living earth. We have been speaking and listening to story since we first began to imagine, and these old stories , these ancestor stories, as I have come to know them have an uncanny way of commenting on the present. The White Serpant King is an old tale from Scandinavia, It has wended its way around  Europe and into Russia and Asia, told around firesides and feasting halls, stretching back perhaps ten thousand years Stories when told in the old way are alive to themselves, great mutatable beasts from the deep past , alive to the listener , alive to the ear and the imagination. And in these days where a lot of us have seemingly outsourced our imaginations to Warner Brothers and HBO and social media of all types, perhaps now is the time to hunker in by the glow of the fireside and let our imaginations free once more. This old tale speaks of the language of the forest,It speaks of our abandoned shadow, that simply refuses to go away, it speaks of the call and perhaps how to heed it .It speaks of deep cunning and bravery and the willingness of our hero to meet there own destiny.

So come along with a listening ear and a willingness to journey and explore and let us together see where the White Serpant King would take us.


Farmer, Miller, Baker a Mapmaker and Pathfinder and sometimes Storyteller. Maybe the word maverick, best describes me. I am a Wilderness guide and lover of wild places. I live in the hills of Strathbogie in North East Victoria, Husband, lover, father of two teenagers. Hopefully awake to the mysterious and the profane and absurd curve balls that life loves to throw.The White Serpent King story telling (Simeon)

The Art of Tracking*

Tracking goes beyond recognizing when, who or what made a certain impression on the ground…yes, those physical signs are the origins of science and humanity as we know it…and we will be begin our path with those. But that’s only the beginning! Like a stone splashing in a quiet pond… everything around us, and inside us, is an instrument played by the landscape. By asking lots of questions about our surroundings, you will be able to not only have a wonderful time solving mysteries (in nature or the CBD), but also raise your awareness to levels that hopefully will make you more connected with the Earth and your love ones…. And who knows, some day even save their lives!


Marcos Nino-Ruiz is passionate about survival skills, disaster preparedness and the connections between science, technology and nature. First with the Army as peacekeeper, and then as a field biologist, came to experience the heart of the Amazon Jungle and many other cool places around the Earth. Finally when he came to Australia to get a PhD in Engineering (Climate Change), he understood “not all who wander are lost”! He found the best pointers with the team at Nature Philosophy Australia and Tom Brown’s Tracker School. He have been listening and traveling with them for many years, raising more questions to search for many more years to come.

The Meeting Place Labyrinth*
The Workshop.  2 hours
First we will explore a brief history of Labyrinths and the difference between them and mazes which is a common misconception among most people. Next we will look at all the different and amazing designs that are possible and their purposes. We will together mark out The Meeting Place Labyrinth and then create and construct the design using natural materials harvested from the property. Finally it will be time to join for a guided walk of the sacred Labyrinth pathway where we can explore our past and future journeys.
About Mark Healy.

I have made hundreds of Labyrinths. During this process I express myself fully‭ ‬as a Horticulturalist‭, Landscaper,‭ ‬Builder,‭ ‬Group Facilitator and Artist.‭ ‬My passion for designing and creating Labyrinths started‭ over 20‭ ‬years ago. Since that time I have trained wand ith three world leaders in‭ ‬Labyrinth‭ ‬facilitation and‭ ‬building: Dr Lauren Artress ,Robert Ferre‭ and Lisa Moriarty. I have also led many retreats where the labyrinth becomes the centre of the ritual space and is used for ceremony.‭ ‬My love of the sacred is expressed fully at these times.‭ ‬My expertise is in guiding groups of individuals to experience the Labyrinth’s powers of transformation enabling people to find for themselves their true nature and purpose.‭ ‬ ‬I share my love of Labyrinths with‭ ‬many community groups including Schools,‭ ‬Mens Gatherings,‭ ‬The Joining Gathering,‭ Community Garden Projects,‭ ‬Art Exhibitions,‭ ‬Botanical Gardens‭ ‬and the last three years at Woodford Folk Festival‭.

Tiny House Basics*

An introduction to building your own tiny house. All you need to know to get started! The tiny house movement is growing in Australia. This is based on affordability and the need to down size and make life simple.  Studio trucks have also been used as offices, teenage pads, granny flats, spare bedrooms, love shacks and weekenders. http://www.hollyburton.com.au/?q=studio-trucks TVC _ RobRob Scott trained as an architect at Melbourne Uni in the 80’s, but loves more creative projects. Over the last few years has been building studio trucks; rooms on the back of trucks. These trucks are great extra spaces and you don’t need council approval, just drive and park out the back, plug in an extension cord and wallah you have a beautiful room.  Visit Studio Trucks to see Rob’s fabulous handiwork.


Lars teaches a dynamic style of Hatha Yoga adapted from the Sakti Krama Vikasaka flowing Yoga techniques used by the warrior class in ancient India .  It is suitable for all levels and benefits all the nerves that extend to the internal organs, limbs and extremities promoting great health, well-being and strong muscles that function gracefully.

The movements have been carefully arranged to bring harmony to the body and mind.  Great attention is given to the ancient Hatha Yoga science of inception of Prana with inhalation of breath and release of contraction, negativity and tension with exhalation of breath.

The combination of Yoga and Martial arts techniques has a strong and pleasant effect on your whole being, “upgrading” your nervous system, strengthen your hormonal functions and aligning your posture.


Lars Richter has been studying Yoga, Qi-Gong and similar energy work practices since 1996. He has been teaching Yoga and Meditation in Germany since 2001 and running workshops overseas since living in Australia. He holds a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling, is a certified life coach and marma massage practitioner and has extensive knowledge and experience in wholesome living on many levels. www.narrativeyoga.com.au




* Please note that only the workshops marked with “*” are confirmed for The Village Continuum 2017. Workshops will be confirmed as early as possible. We always had a colourful variety of workshops in the previous years.